History of Civil

Civil on SourceForge (2000-2004)

The original Civil project was registered on SourceForge on 2000-08-31 with the aim to create a real time strategy game about battles in the American Civil War allowing to play over a network. It was programmed in Python using PyGame as game framework and some Python C extensions for speeding up critical parts. It was published under the open source GPL-2.0 license. The game program code was stored in a CVS version control system.

  • Last release: Civil 0.83
  • Authors: Jan ‘Chakie’ Ekholm, Gareth ‘The Corruptor’ Noyce, Michael ‘mikee’ Earl, John Eikenberry, Marcus Alanen, Cristian Soviani, Uwe Hermann, Frank Raiser, Mike Szczerban, Jeroen ‘slm’ Vloothuis, Kalle

Civil on GitHub (2018-)

On 2017-12-21, Trilarion created the Civil project on Github as a continuation of the Civil project on SourceForge. The sources of the last available release (0.80-0.83) as well as a snapshot of the CVS repository were stored in a git repository on GitHub.

No release has yet been made.